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A small fishing village built by the sea in Shandong, with only more than 500 households living in it, becomes a retirement area that everyone yearns for

Date: 2021-09-14

Shandong is a province with many beaches, and this province has also developed tourism based on this advantage. Every year, tourists who travel to Shandong come rushing to the sea. Speaking of Shandong, people think that besides the sea is seafood, many places in Shandong are also called retirement resorts, including cities and villages. Cities and rural areas have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the medical conditions in cities are better, but the environment is very noisy. The medical conditions in rural areas are not as developed as cities, but the environment is quiet and quiet. Today I will introduce you to Shandong Ling. The retirement place that everyone yearns for.

It is Yandunjiao Village. The village is located in Lidao Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. This is a small fishing village surrounded by mountains and rivers with beautiful scenery. The biggest feature of the village is that it is built by the sea. There are not many people living in the village, there are only more than 500 households. The people living here are kind-hearted, and their source of livelihood mainly depends on agriculture and fisheries. The houses in which every resident lives have also become the biggest highlight. Although the area is very developed, the villagers live in thatched huts.

Every winter, Yandunjiao Village has also become a habitat for whooper swans. Thousands of swans fly from Siberia to Yandunjiao Village to spend the winter. The local villagers also love whooper swans, and the swans are walking around. The river also adds a different kind of light to the village, at this time, it will become the world of photography enthusiasts. The kelp planted by the villagers will also be sold to various places in the country, and Yandunjiao Village once used kelp to be popular in the world.

The villagers living in Yandunjiao Village can not only live the life of sunrise and sunset, but also can go to the beach to watch the sea when they want to relax. The village is close to Caishi Island. The island is so called. It's because when the sea recedes when the sea comes to the island, there will be variegated colored stones in 5 colors, which is very spectacular. The superior natural environment also makes the villagers living here very happy, and their life span is also very long.

Yandunjiao Village has also gained a lot with the development of tourism. In terms of tourism, it has also won the honorary title of the first batch of scenic villages in Shandong Province, and it has also been included in the second batch of national rural tourism key villages. The reputation of the village is getting bigger and bigger. Many tourists from other places have expressed their envy of the villagers who live here. They even threatened the idea of living here for the elderly.